The distinctive pink fish roe dip, taramasalata, is a common sight at The Apollo in Potts Point. Traditionally eaten on “Clean Monday” (the first day of Greek lent), it’s a dish that looms large in the Greek culinary tradition. Made from cured and salted fish roe mixed with bread, the pale pink tinge of the dip is always a welcome sight on the table.

The Apollo's taramasalata traditional mullet roe dip:


50g tin tarama (mullet roe)

120ml fresh lemon juice

50g red onions

50ml water

170ml sunflower oil

180g day-old bread, such as Vienna loaf, with the crusts cut off

Extra water to soak the bread

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Dip the bread into the extra water for 2 seconds and then squeeze it dry.

Place the tarama, red onion, dampened and squeezed out bread and lemon juice into the bowl of a food processor.

Blend all the ingredients thoroughly together to form a puree, adding the water and oil slowly until all of it is incorporated.

Serve with your choice of dipping accompaniments and bread or use a piping bag to shape the paste for serving.