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La Cabana


This casual, dog-friendly taqueria in South Freo is landing bold blows for Aus-Mexican cooking. Maybe you'll find a pork and pineapple taco dressed with a native strawberry and saltbush sauce. Or try the beef rib enlivened with a mole, a traditional Mexican marinade, made here with wattleseed. From the bar: wine, local beers, tequila and mezcal.

Nasi Bali


You’ll find plenty of Balinese staples at this homey Kenwick diner, including ayam betutu and bebek betutu (braised chicken and duck respectively) and sambal matah (a spicy salsa), but most punters at this 20-person eatery are here for the babi guling, a deep dive into porky deliciousness featuring roast pork belly, house-made pork sausage and steamed pork.

The Hummus Club


A Middle Eastern market vendor gets its own clubhouse.


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