Broadsheet Kitchen will soon move out of its Smith Street home, taking its mission to celebrate the best of Australia’s hospitality talent on a national tour (read about that exciting news here).

Broadsheet Kitchen mentor and celebrated chef Scott Pickett’s diner Saint Crispin was the first home for the Kitchen, hosting two incredible residencies by Ryan Dolan and Matti Fallon. And now with the Kitchen on the move, Pickett has new plans for the space. On June 4 he’ll open Lupo, an Italian-inspired restaurant with a focus on pasta.

“It goes back 20 years to when I first walked through the doors of two-Michelin-starred restaurant The Square in London,” says Pickett, who cooked there earlier in his career. “Even though we were cooking modern French and English, it had a love of pasta.

“Macaroni, lasagne, tortellini, through hand-cut linguine, pappardelle and tagliatelle is always something I’ve loved. We’ve always had a hand-rolled macaroni dish floating around the restaurants, and I’ve always wanted one to focus just on pasta,” says Pickett.

Lupo will be overseen by executive chef Stuart McVeigh and looked after daily by head chef Charlie Watson, who’ll present a range of handmade pastas, including his speciality spanner-crab lasagne with basil and sunrise lime. Other dishes to feature include ‘nduja with fermented tomato and anchovy on toast; hare cappelletti, celeriac and mustard fruits; squid-ink linguine, bottarga and sardine vinaigrette; and West-Australian black truffle and cipolla risotto.

“I love the whole technique and process of actually making pasta,” says Pickett. “I find it therapeutic and enjoyable, and the exploration of shape and ingredients, colour and size, filling and sauce is something I’m quietly obsessed about.”

Keep an eye out for Broadsheet Kitchen updates coming soon. Lupo will open at 300 Smith Street, Collingwood on June 4.