Wisemans Ferry Surf Lodge – the first lodge of its kind in the world – is slated to open north of Sydney in 2022, with a wave pool roughly the size of four football fields. Located 60 minutes north of Sydney, the $75 million lodge will be surrounded by bushland, and sit close to the banks of the Hawkesbury River.

The wave pool will be open 365 days a year and offer an alternative to the unpredictable swells of mother nature. It’ll generate 2.5-metre waves, as well as smaller waves for beginners. There will be a variety of wave “shapes” and 17 seconds between each wave (so you’ll never have to wait too long for a turn) and 10–12-second rides during the main peak.

“As a Sydney surfer, we don’t have the access to consistent, high quality waves all year round like other parts of Australia,” said John Du Vernet, who has co-founded the lodge with a consortium of pro surfers including Stephanie Gilmore and Joel Parkinson, as well as 4 Pines co-founder Jaron Mitchell and co-founder of Balter Brewing Company Sean Ronan, in a statement. “Advances in wave-making technology can completely change that reality. What we’ll create at Wisemans is a solution to access the types of waves we’d often have to travel overseas for, waves we dream about. We’ve focused on creating a space that thinks about everything beyond the pool, even for the non-surfer, within a resort-like facility in a magical and somewhat secret part of Sydney.”

Along with the wave pool, guests will get to enjoy a range of other amenities on the 18-hectare property, such as a nine-hole golf course, a restaurant, a bar, conference facilities and access to the river. A former hotel, which was built on the grounds in the ’90s, will be repurposed for the resort and transformed into 54 suites by Akin Atelier’s Kelvin Ho (Incu, Bert’s, Totti’s).

Though on the surface it might seem like an environmental drain, Wisemans Surf Lodge will purchase green energy and minimise its environmental impact. The resort will run on solar power and the pool will be filled with filtered water from the nearby river. Produce from local suppliers will be used in the diner.

Wisemans Ferry Surf lodge will work on a membership model. More details will be released in 2021.