The Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Perth

Updated 1 month ago


For some of us, the best part about birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations is the excuse to splurge at a top-tier restaurant. Even if that’s not you, almost everyone can appreciate the experience of settling around a table to enjoy the company of friends and family for hours while all your whims are catered for. Interstate and international exports like Rockpool and Nobu always offer a classy time. But home-grown establishments such as Balthazar and Wildflower are equally worth your time. For your next special occasion, book a table at one of these spots, curated by Broadsheet’s expert food and drink editors.

  • COMO The Treasury's rooftop restaurant showcases native ingredients and commanding views of the city skyline.

  • Like the restaurant of the same name in New York, this one has an X-factor that's kept it relevant after two decades.

  • Neil Perry's temple to steak is fancy without being too intimidating for less-than-adventurous eaters.

  • 30 seats. Seven sublime courses for $65. It's no wonder this one is always booked out months in advance.

  • Two beautiful private dining rooms and a kitchen equally adept at both mod Oz magic and health-minded cooking.

  • Fleur refuses to be pigeonholed. Take the French name, Japanese-ish food, and the native produce. What is certain, though, is that this one of the most exciting restaurants in Perth. It’s not fine dining in the traditional sense. But the cooking is intricate, the dishes are as delicious as they are creative and the service is warm.

  • You'll feel like a million bucks seated in this $10 million fit-out, eating sharp, regional Chinese fare.

  • Accomplished Japanese with a Peruvian bent (aka nikkei cuisine).

  • For a truly special night, opt for the seven-course omakase ("chef's selection").

  • A glamorous, old-school wine bar and restaurant in the heart of Northbridge.

  • An Italian restaurant that pays respect to fine dining traditions, dessert trolley and all.