Today is Melbourne’s 235th day in lockdown. It’s a grim milestone, and reports suggest that’s the most days in hard lockdown for any city in the world.

But a just-announced collab between Melbourne-based creative agency By All Means and locally loved artist Oslo Davis (who’s illustrated for The New York Times, The Age, The Monthly and more) is offering a glimmer of positivity.

They’ve released a range of limited-edition T-shirts – designed by Davis – to commemorate the city’s resilience in the face of almost two years of trying times.

The front features a sketched-up Flinders Street Station with grass growing up the side, emblazoned with the words “Greetings From Locktown”. The back shows the dates of each of our six lockdowns (with a question mark for the end date of lockdown 6.0) and poses the question: “Melbourne, Australia. World’s Most Resilient City?” The same design has also been printed on onesies, tote bags and tea towels.

“Once crowned the world’s most liveable city, it’s devastating to see Melbourne take on the new title of having endured the most number of days in hard lockdown,” Ed Howley, co-creative director of By All Means said in statement. But there’s a greater purpose here. “Rather than wallowing, this project aims to not only celebrate our amazing city, but raise all-important funds to help alleviate the ongoing mental-health crisis.”

Beyond Blue, a mental-health and wellbeing-support operation, says demand for its services – by those experiencing anxiety, depression, and family and relationship issues – “remains between 20 to 30 per cent above pre-pandemic levels”. So, that is exactly where all the profits from these limited-edition products will be going.

Shop the T-shirts ($50 for adults and $40 for kids), baby onesies ($35), tote bags ($40) and tea towels ($22) online.