Archie Brothers, Holey Moley, Sky Zone, Strike Bowling – they’re all popular, boisterous playgrounds for adults. Now the group behind those venues has opened B. Lucky & Sons, an adults-only arcade bar in the Entertainment Quarter.

Funlab CEO Michael Schreiber says that unlike Archie Brothers, which has a circus theme, B. Lucky draws on Hong Kong and the old streets of London for inspiration.

The arcade bar is hidden behind the red curtains of an opulent green and gold pawn-shop facade. Inside it’s flashing lights, chesterfield armchairs, futuristic neon-lit octagonal booths and arcade games including Space Invaders, NBA Hoops and Mario Kart.

Winning tickets can be redeemed at the pawn shop, but the prizes go beyond the usual knick-knacks. Schreiber says they include vouchers for botox, lip fillers (really), helicopter flights, zip lining and skydiving. There’s even life-sized ET and Storm Trooper replicas up for grabs.

In keeping with the theme, the food and drinks menu is dominated by Asian-inspired flavours: Szechuan-spiced calamari, Peking duck spring rolls, pork baos and a sweet-and-sour-style chicken pizza.

Considering the fact that understatement isn’t what B. Lucky is going for, its cocktails are surprisingly restrained. There’s a taro-flavoured gold glitter twist on the Espresso Martini, boozy bubble-cup teas with popping pearls and jellies, and punch bowls served with floral teacups.

The Entertainment Quarter outpost is FunLab’s fourth B. Lucky venue. (The others are in Wollongong, Brisbane and Melbourne.) Schreiber says the group’s five concepts, spread across 24 locations, serve three million customers each year. Opening in the Entertainment Quarter next to their recently revamped Strike Bowling venue, he says, was an easy decision.

“It was the quickest way to get B. Lucky opened in Sydney. The Entertainment Quarter is slowly transforming as a precinct. We’re also certainly interested in opening up another one in the CBD,” he says.

B. Lucky & Sons
Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park
1300 58259

Mon to Thu 11am–11pm
Fri 11am–12am
Sat 10am–12am
Sun 10am–11pm

This article first appeared on Broadsheet on May 17, 2019. Some details may have changed since publication.