When did we all get so obsessed with water bottles? It’s a question I ask as brands specialising in refillable drinking vessels continue to make news headlines: good, bad and otherwise.

The term “emotional support water bottle” has gained traction on Tiktok over the past few years; #emotionalsupportwaterbottle has clocked more than 339 million views and counting, with nearly 18,500 posts using the hashtag.

Sustainability, style and status are some of the driving factors for the trend. In the USA, Stanley cups and Owala bottles reign supreme. But Down Under, Frank Green is king of reusable bottles.

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“Consumers are at the heart of everything. We’re always listening to what they tell us. Whether that’s direct feedback or listening to social commentary,” Frank Green founder Benjamin Young told Broadsheet over email. Early last year, the brand launched a cupholder adaptor after fans resorted to using plumbing pipe to stop their bottles rolling around the passenger seat in their cars. Later in 2023, Frank Green released the grip lid for easier carry, as well as a bumper guard (complete with a spot for an Airtag) to help keep bottles in mint condition. And more recently, the brand has doubled down with a limited edition range of trending colours.

What you want out of a water bottle is personal. Does it need to stay cold for as many hours as possible? Will you only take it if it fits in your bag? Or do you and your pet share the same vessel on walks? These brands are making the bottles (and accessories) worth carrying.

Frank Green ceramic reusable bottle

$59.95 Frank Green ceramic reusable bottle A classic for a reason, Frank Green’s one-litre bottle is a consistent bestseller. Triple-walled vacuum insulation keeps liquids cold (or hot) for hours and the ceramic lining means you’re not left with a metal taste in your mouth. There are also 595-millilitre and two-litre options to choose from. Plus, you can customise your lid (push top, flip straw or grip handle) and add personalisation with mix-and-match colourways and monogramming available.

Waterdrop Thermo steel bottle

$69 Waterdrop Thermo steel bottle Austrian startup Waterdrop launched in Australia last year. And while it’s known for its hydrating “microdrinks” – a range of sugar-free cubes flavoured by fruit and plant extracts to mix with water – the brand also has a great line-up of bottles. If you caught tennis fever this summer, the limited edition Australian Open design is a hit. Glass and stainless steel tumblers come in a range of colours, shapes and sizes. And there’s a kids collection too.

Zorali Hike bottle

$30 Zorali Hike bottle Outdoor enthusiasts love Zorali’s functional fleeces and gear. But the brand’s lightweight water bottle is a sleeper hit. Made from durable BPA-free material (which uses 30 per cent recycled plastic), it can withstand both sub-zero temperatures and boiling liquids. The design is printed with gradation marks so you can keep track of how much water you’re drinking – or what you’ve got left – whether you’re out hiking or sitting at your desk.

Ela & Earth insulated water bottle

$54.95 Ela & Earth insulated water bottle Practical and functional, Ela & Earth’s water bottles are made from 304-grade stainless steel and are free from BPA. The one-litre design is fitted with a straw lid (which you can buy individually if you need a replacement) and carry handle. The Northern Rivers brand also offers a crossbody bag fitted with an adjustable strap and zipped pockets for stashing your keys, card and small essentials on walks.

July drink bottle

$45 July drink bottle You probably know about July’s stylish suitcases. But the luggage brand offers a whole range of accessories to make travel more comfortable, including a sleek matte-finish drink bottle. The stainless steel design comes in 500- and 750-millilitre sizes with a screw-top lid. It claims to be leakproof, shatterproof and will keep liquids cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours – that’s got most flights covered.

Fressko Core drink bottle

$64.95 Fressko Core drink bottle Melbourne brand Fressko delivers a lightweight, insulated stainless steel bottle fitted with a click-back leakproof sports lid. The sippable style comes in a range of colours, including seasonal shades of sage green and canary yellow. The bottle is shaped so it’s slightly smaller around the middle where you hold it – no more awkward fumbling to pick it up in the middle of your gym class.

Tokio bottle

$50 Tokio bottle Dog owners know that true love is sharing a water bottle with your furry friend. Tokio solves the problem of having them lick water out of your hand or awkwardly pouring it into their mouth on walks. The three-in-one design features a water bottle and two removable bowls that can be used for food and water. The Aussie brand also pledges one per cent of its profits to supporting local shelters.

Memobottle A5 bottle

$55 Memobottle A5 bottle A bottle that’s sized like a notebook – and slots just as easily into your bag – is the type of product we wish we’d come up with. But we didn’t. Melbourne brand Memobottle did though, making it almost inexcusable to leave your drink bottle at home thanks to a range of rectangular designs that fit like Tetris into totes, backpacks and crossbody bags. Choose between durable plastic or stainless steel in A5, A6 or A7 sizes. You can customise the lid colour and grab a silicon sleeve for added insulation.

Maison de Sabre crossbody carrier and water bottle

$149 Maison de Sabre crossbody carrier and water bottle Leather goods brand Maison de Sabre levels up your water bottle with its crossbody carrier. A 500-millilitre stainless steel drink bottle fits snugly into the full-grain leather holder that you can sling over your shoulder or across your chest for easy carry. It comes in four colourways and is finished with golden hardware. You also have the option to monogram your initial on the swing tag.

Tanchen Sling crossbody

$100 Tanchen Sling crossbody This one is a bonus accessory for your favourite emotional support water bottle. Singapore brand Tanchen is known for its wine bottle bags. But its woven crossbody drink bottle carrier is equally useful. It comes in a range of pared-back colours with braided paracord straps in two lengths.

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