In the 1970s, air travel was still a novelty. People dressed to match the five-star service that was commonplace onboard flights. Now when we think about getting on a plane, it’s all about budget carriers and comfy pants – but it’s nice to dream about a more glamorous time.

Melbourne-based direct-to-consumer brand July has just launched a range of Heritage trunks that hark back to travel’s heyday.

“We created this collection as a celebration of the past, with a modern twist,” July’s co-founder Athan Didaskalou says. “The new colourways are a nod to the golden era of travel, back when people donned their formal wear to take a plane ride.”

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The brand’s much-loved carry-on trunk, checked trunk and matching set are updated in the three new hues: moss green, brown and light grey. They have a scuff-free matte finish, twin-latch locks, silent move wheels and an ejectable power bank. And you can add personalisation of up to 20 characters in 10 fonts and 19 colours.

Keeping the nostalgic vibes alive, the very ’70s-influenced campaign was shot on location at Melbourne’s retro-cool bowling bar, The Keys.

After hitting the ground running in 2018, the brand used the pandemic-induced pause on travel to recalibrate and plan for the future.

Late last year July opened the first bricks-and-mortar store in Sydney, and its new Everyday tote has already proven to be the perfect carry-all for carting your bits and bobs around town. Most recently, the brand was awarded the Visionary Award for Travel from T Magazine.

You can shop the limited-edition Heritage trunks online now and in-store in Sydney and Melbourne from Tuesday.

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