Thanks to Tiktok trends and an obsession with romanticising the mundane parts of our lives, water bottles have somehow become a cultural phenomenon.

In Australia, Melbourne-based Frank Green leads the charge with its colourful ceramic emotional support water bottles.

Now the much-loved brand has dropped a new crop of limited-edition hues as part of the New Colour collection. There’s chocolate, seemingly the colour of the moment; sweet peach, a nod to Pantone’s colour of the year; atomic red, on the rise thanks to Tiktok’s viral “unexpected red” theory; and a striking evergreen (apple) tone.

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“We’re excited to reveal these new colours,” says founder and CEO Benjamin Young. “These bold primary colours are not only on-trend but can be paired back with our core colours, allowing for consumers to mix and match their own unique colour combinations.”

Shop the new colours in three Frank Green products: the one-litre ceramic reusable bottle (from $59.95), the 595-millilitre ceramic reusable bottle (from $49.95) and the ceramic reusable cup (from $46.95).

You can also get the new colours for accessories like the bottle bumper guard (with a designated slot for your Airtag), straw lid strap and its range of straw and push button lids. Personalisation is at the core of the brand’s DNA, so get creative.

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