Next week is November – no, Movember: the last month of spring that sees men prancing around with all sorts of wild facial hair. It’s all for a good cause though.

This moustache growing charity started in Australia a few years back and aims to raise funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and depression. So for the 30 days in November, men identifying as ‘Mo Bros’ will become walking ad campaigns for the initiative.

Here at Broadsheet we realise that some people’s facial hairs grow at different paces, lengths and coverage, so we’ve put together a concise guide of how to plan your Mo for Movember, with some simple moustache styling options. These are some of our favourites, and potentially some the most achievable for the coming month of the Mo.

Come November 1, be clean shaven before selecting one from the below:

Five day-growth Moustache
For many this is a look they are already wearing, but five-day growth will soon turn into 15, and then more, so be sure to clipper around the edges now and then as you don’t want your mo dipping into you latte; such a milky look is not manly.

Pencil Moustache
A thin, narrow, closely clipped moustache that outlines the upper lip. It’s simple and sleek, but be careful when shaving this one near the lip.

Handlebar or Spaghetti Moustache
Curling upwards at the sides like an Italian lion tamer. This moustache is particularly lengthy and involves much sculptural attention or wax, though we found out this hair growth can be hereditary. This is commonly mistaken for the horseshoe, below.

Horseshoe Moustache
Made popular by the modern cowboy, this is a full moustache with vertical sides hanging past the sides of the mouth to the jawline, so that it resembles an upside-down U or horseshoe shape. This one might take most of Movember to grow, so don’t mow.

Toothbrush Moustache
Thick but shaved in the centre, associated with Adolf Hitler and Charlie Chaplin. This is a solid, bushy mo like a postage stamp directly below the nose – so have total coverage of about 3cm of hair on the central upper lip. This Kasier-style moustache is not the most flattering mo, but it’s one of the easier to manicure.

Walrus Moustache
A favourite in the wild, the Walrus, like the name suggests, is a beast. It’s a bushy mo, hanging down over the lips, sometimes covering the mouth a little. This may cause some difficulty drinking cappuccinos or eating sauce-y foods.