Good news for those who can never seem to find a car park. A new free app called Share with Oscar connects drivers looking for parking with locals who share their car bays, allowing them to rent the space in a seamless transaction that's so ingenious we can't believe it's taken so long.

The app was launched last week by co-founders Louise Chen and Lisa Qi in Bondi, with the rest of Sydney to follow.

“It’s almost impossible to find a car spot in Bondi,” says Chen. “We kept on seeing all these houses with empty car spaces and thought how amazing it would be if you could rent them directly from the owner,” says Chen.

And, just like AirBnB, now you can.

Car space owners simply sign up using the app and put their spot on the list as they walk out the door for nearby drivers to book online.

“The charge depends on the location of the spot and the duration, it could be $2 an hour," Chen says. "At the moment you can rent a spot for up to a day, but we’re looking to extend the duration in future.”

Chen says the app will be helpful for people who don’t always have the time to plan ahead (i.e. most of us), and so they don’t have to worry about moving their car every two hours (i.e. all of us).

“So far the response from the public has been amazing … next we want to expand further into the beaches like Balmoral and then to places like Surry Hills and Darlinghurst.

“Ultimately we want people to not have to think about parking and just to enjoy themselves when they’re out.

“And we’re giving the first 200 drivers to sign up $5 in their account to use for parking,” says Chen. As if we needed a reason to sign up.

Share with Oscar is available now for free for iPhone and Android.