Just when you thought Perth’s burger market was already oversaturated, another notable contender enters the fray. Meet Freo’s Big Rigz Burger Co., the product of a shared burger love between chef David Thompson (not the David Thompson of Long Chim fame) and former Australian one-day cricketer Brett Dorey. The pair met while working offshore in the oil and gas industry, and the project came together in just three months.

“Brett and I have known each other for 10 years,” says Thompson, whose resume includes a stint working for Hadleigh Troy at the now-closed Restaurant Amuse. “It was just mates chatting and a dream became a reality. We came across this spot and it has a good vibe, a good feel and is in a good area.”

Thompson also runs Mofo Hot Sauce, which operates from the Fremantle Markets. His sauces – including a weapons-grade hot reaper ketchup – are available for those who like it spicy.

‘’I love a classic cheeseburger some days, and other days I love to load it up with a lot of full-on, in-your-face flavours,” says Thompson. “I love pickles, I love acid. There’s the point where you get that nice crunch, sweet punch with vinegar as well. It complements everything else, then your sauces come in the background.”

The menu at the 50-seat restaurant features a selection of beef and chicken burgers. Vegetarian and vegan options are also available. Korean ingredients, including kimchi, pickled daikon and gochujang mayo, make an appearance on several burgers.

Broadsheet tasted a Big Rigz burger and was suitably impressed. Your correspondent’s mark of a good burger is when you enjoy it without noticing the individual ingredients and want another one when you’re done. This burger passed easily.

The secret-recipe bun is both soft and firm; the grass-fed beef patty flavourful and juicy in all the right places. The sauces bring everything together. Given Thompson's pedigree when it comes to making sauces, this is no surprise.

Although delivery may be on the cards, Thompson and Dorey are, for now, focussing on nailing the restaurant aspect of Big Rigz first.

“Down here in South Freo there’s a good community vibe,” says Thompson. “We just want bums on seats, to get a bit of an atmosphere happening in here, and we’ll go from there.”

Big Rigz Burger Co
1/231 South Terrace, South Fremantle

Tue to Thu 11am–8pm
Fri to Sun 11am–late


This article first appeared on Broadsheet on October 17, 2018. Menu items may have changed since publication.