Andrea Gualdi is the 2017 World Class Australian Bartender of the Year. And it’s his Watermelon Cocktail that got him there.

He’s also the head bartender at Sydney’s Maybe Frank, where he honed his craft and has been known to knock together twists on classic Italian drinks in honour of his homeland.

In this video Gualdi takes us through how to make his World Class-winning, show-stopping cocktail at home. The trick? You can use pre-made watermelon- juice ice cubes to make life easier.

The Award-Winning Watermelon Cocktail
1.25 standard drinks.

15ml fresh lime juice
30ml bianco vermouth
Pinch of salt
10ml agave mezcal syrup
30ml Don Julio Blanco
Clarified watermelon ice cubes (or watermelon-juice ice cubes)

Squeeze the lime juice into a glass, then add the vermouth, salt, agave mezcal, Don Julio Blanco and watermelon ice cubes. Blend and serve.

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