“Elevated hippy”. That’s how Canadian-born, Bondi-based model Anna Feller likes to describe her eclectic work look, where shoes often aren’t required. She glides into castings – her hair full of sea salt, her feet sandy from a morning dip opposite the North Bondi apartment where she lives with her son Banjo – swathed in delicate linens, with a nonchalant attitude that makes her clothes fit that little bit better.

Her affinity with the ocean extends to her wardrobe; a revolving door of summery staples that have a relaxed, holiday mood. Think shell jewellery, bohemian dresses, terry towelling, fluid trousers and varsity wear (her Vancouver roots coming through).

Between navigating the school run, attending castings and shooting – she’s worked with everyone from Country Road and Bonds to Australian hat label Lack of Colour – Feller dresses for comfort.

She’s not afraid of dressing head to toe in white, creating a blank canvas for playful juxtapositions with bright bags and bold accessories. When it’s time to clock off, she adds statement earrings and she’s good to go.

Broadsheet: How would you describe your personal style?
Anna Feller: Very relaxed. I live on the beach so unless I’m going to a work event I’m usually not even wearing shoes. I am really dedicated to being comfortable. I dress to make myself feel good – 100 per cent “elevated hippy”.

I’m a huge lover of white and usually dress head-to-toe in it so, naturally, these Ellery cropped flare pants are on high rotation in my wardrobe. They’ve sold out in vinyl but Ellery has cut denim in this shape as well. I actually have about five pairs.

BS: How do you get dressed in the morning. Is there a formula or ritual you follow?
AF: My house is really lacking in cupboard space at the moment so I’m usually just digging around looking for whatever I feel like wearing in the morning. It depends on where I’m going and what I have on.

BS: What do you wear a) on set, b) for date night and c) at the beach?
AF: (a) a hoody and pair of trackpants. I’m a sucker for a good Canadian fleece. (b) a silk top and pant combo and (c) interesting swimwear, a Lucy Folk towel and a pair of sunnies.

BS: What inspires what you wear?
AF: I just appreciate anyone who dresses for themselves – I’m always inspired by dressing for locations. And I love watching people’s style change depending on their time zone.

BS: How important is attitude and confidence to wearing an outfit well?
AF: Really important. Women, men, even my son … clothing can elevate your mood and create an attitude and confidence so diversely from one outfit to the next.

BS: How do you like to style your jewellery?
AF: I go through stages with this. Some days I will layer a lot and some days I’ll go completely bare. I am currently in a very minimal phase. I like stacking on gold bracelets, mostly from Lucy Folk, before rushing out the door. I’ve been wearing Aristide’s Lexi Grande diamond sleepers in yellow gold. They’re easy for work. I have quite a few piercings and have lost lots of jewellery over the years on set – these just stay in.

BS: Where do you like to shop in Sydney?
AF: I mostly shop overseas, but when in Sydney I will always stop in at Playa by Lucy Folk, Bassike, Supply Store and Parlour X.

BS: What’s your favourite recent purchase?
AF: I bought myself some Chloe earrings on my last trip to LA. I love all the jewels [creative director] Natacha Ramsay-Levi is doing.

BS: How do you like to style your hair for a shoot?
AF: My hair is very wash and wear. I like it best after a few salty swims. But if I have important meetings or events I always go to Paloma salon in Paddington for a treatment and blow dry. They always get it just right; the girls make my hair look exactly how I wish I could do it myself.

I prefer a “wet” undone look, which I replicate in winter with a bottle of LA brand Playa’s Endless Summer sea-salt spray.

BS: What’s your approach to make-up at work?
AF: I’m not a big make-up woman, although I do love skincare. I use Dr Barbara Sturm’s face masks, serums and creams religiously and I will usually just layer on a light tinted moisturiser. I love RMS Beauty’s “Un” Cover-Up and tend to stay away from eye make-up or anything too heavy if I’m not working. But will always add a bit of a creamy Buriti bronzer, also by RMS. I also love Nars pure radiant tinted moisturiser ($69), Dr Hauschka rose spray deodorant ($29), Buly Pommade Virginale face cream ($82) and Le Labo Tonka 25 perfume ($413).

BS: Do you ever get facials?
AF: I don’t really. I’ll see Barbara Sturm when I am overseas and recently saw James Vivian in Sydney. He was amazing. I loved my facial with him – my skin was so, so, so soft and glowing.

BS: If you could encourage people to follow some beauty guidelines what would they be?
AF: Stay hydrated, eat alkaline, never go to sleep with make-up on, wear good quality sunscreen, invest in an amazing face cream and most importantly look after yourself because beauty comes from the inside out.

This story originally appeared in Sydney print issue 19.