Black Pearl has long been the driving force behind Melbourne’s cocktail scene and has played host to some of the country’s most prolific bartenders – and still does.

For many of these bartenders, their tenure has been focused on the impending opening of “the upstairs bar”. The hiring of Adi Ruiz saw the concept receive a massive injection of spirit and finally, after four years, the time has come to welcome The Attic. The eminent talents of Greg Sanderson and Chris Hysted have seen the bar come alive and their talent and passion abounds in every corner of this venue.

Exclusivity is not the intention of the venue, but it does lie behind a closed door on the first floor of Black Pearl. Table service at all times delivers a slightly more refined air to this bar, compared with the one below. For those of you intrigued by the craft of the bartenders, six stools line the bar for you to observe their talents and engage in the same healthy dose of banter that its downstairs brother is well known for.

The fit-out is similar to what you imagine your grandfather’s attic might look like, minus the cobwebs and dust. Giant craypots hang from the ceiling, a mismatch of bespoke glassware lines the walls and behind the bar a huge globe opens to reveal a hidden bottle trove (allegedly pegged to be used as a mobile martini station).

The leather-bound menus reveal a serious selection of drinks, divided into categories to better help you find the exact tipple to get you on your way or fix whatever ails you. The drinks are in-house creations, utilising a carefully mapped out selection of spirits to ensure the back bar is not overloaded. This come as a relief to most drinkers who are met with too much choice at the back bar on the ground floor. As always, the witty and comical menus provide entertainment via descriptions that help you to enjoy the drink all the more.

For those of you set on classic drinks, be assured that few are better at delivering them to such a high standard. And if cocktails aren’t your scene, a solid beer listing backed with a considered wine list will ensure that everyone is happy.

As the bottom bar has done for so many years, this new venture will prove it’s not just the quality of drinks that make this such a fine establishment; it’s the atmosphere created by the staff and the people who choose to drink there that truly define this as one of the Melbourne’s best bars. The anticipation has built and the result is nothing short of what their devoted clientele expect.

The Attic
1st Floor, 304 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
(03) 9417 0455

Thu, Fri, Sat 5pm–3am