When we started spotting black posters roughly taped to walls and poles throughout the inner south-eastern suburbs printed with the word ‘Liquorun’, our curiosity was definitely piqued.

Turns out, unsurprisingly, it’s a liquor delivery service. Have you ever been at a party where the booze has run prematurely dry, all the bottle shops are closed, and nobody’s in a state to drive? Despite the inevitable legal challenges of establishing such a business, it makes sense that somebody would think of it sooner or later.

The real twist in the story is, as it turns out, that it’s the conception of three professional football players – Melbourne Football Club teammates James Strauss, Rohan Bail and Joel Macdonald. They had found themselves in just that situation – sipping on the last of their beers – and sought to find a solution.

That turned out to be Liquorun – alcohol on demand, delivered right to your doostep. With no other service currently operating in Melbourne (Sydney is covered by Jimmy Brings) it almost sounds too easy to be true. So how does is work?

Operating out of the 24-hour Railway Hotel in Chapel Street Windsor, Liquorun essentially acts as a delivery agent for the bottle shop servicing a 7.5km radius. If you live between the CBD and Port Melbourne, up to Collingwood, down to Brighton and across to Malvern, you’re in the zone.

Using the Liquorun website, which acts as an app once saved to your phone’s home screen, your location is geo-located and your age verified before being able to choose your products.

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From slabs of beer and cider to top-shelf spirits, champagne and wine, it’s all available, and they haven’t forgotten the limes and bags of ice. In fact, just about anything one might want for in the early hours – cigarettes, condoms, even salty snacks (nuts and chips) – can be dropped on your doorstep.

Once your shopping cart is full, you’ll be asked to plug in your Victorian Drivers Licence number which is crosschecked by the driver upon delivery. Then presto, within about 30 minutes, your party will be refuelled. With a multitude of legalities to consider, there’s no delivering to seedy laneways or parks, only homes or workplaces. The $30 minimum spend along with the $7.50 or $12.50 delivery fee (before or after 11pm) also seem reasonable prices to cop for the convenience of the service.

Liquorun will be making deliveries from 2pm until 2am daily whilst they suss out the peak periods of demand and they hope to expand their delivery radius to run liquor to more of Melbourne early next year. Depending on how the season goes, maybe.