There’s nothing worse than when you’ve planned an outfit only to realise your favourite shirt is in the depths of the laundry basket. Or when the kids are eating breakfast and you’re trying to dry their uniforms and get them out the door before the bell.

Laundry Project founder Caroline Beuth saw a gap in the market for a service that could change the way we think about laundry in Australia. A common offering in Asia and Europe, laundry outsourcing is a time-saving solution for many households. And with apartment dwellers having less access to Hills hoists and laundry rooms than ever before, it makes practical sense too.

Laundry Project’s laundry service is $8 per kilo, with a minimum of 10 kilos per booking. There’s a flat fee of $12.50 for pick-up and drop-off, although a 10 per cent discount applies to regular collections. Laundry is washed, dried, folded and returned in 24 hours.

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“We want to be an on-demand service to help people with busy lives,” Beuth says. “You don’t need to be home for pick-up or drop-off – just leave instructions for the driver in your booking notes and we do the rest”.

The team uses eco-friendly detergents and takes care to sort your clothes throughout the cleaning process. If you or your family suffer sensitive skin or allergies, just make a note at checkout and the team will adjust products to suit. You can also request ironing for an additional fee.

Laundering for blankets, doonas and sheet sets is priced based on size – perfect for seasonal linen cupboard refreshes or catching up on extra cleaning after visitors have stayed.

A careful but industrial approach has seen Laundry Project collect a range of commercial clients, including local businesses like Hector’s Deli, St Ali and Bodhi & Ride.

Laundry Project also offers eco-friendly dry-cleaning, with prices starting at $9.90 for shirts and ranging to $90 for winter coats. There’s currently a three-day turnaround time for dry-cleaning.

If your New Year’s resolution was to take better care of your wardrobe, freshen up your favourite pair of kicks with a sneaker revival. The service is $80 a pair, and includes deep-cleaning, deodorising and waterproofing.

Laundry Project currently services metro Melbourne postcodes, but the team is working to expand the radius and take requests on a case-by-case basis.

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