Much like other empire-builders of our time, Hector’s Deli founder Dom Wilton has his sights set on space. Or so the latest campaign for the Melbourne-favourite sandwich shop would suggest.

The local favourite, known for chicken sandwiches, tuna melts and some of the fluffiest doughnuts around, is now offering catering. “Like everything else we do, we’re not about cutting corners, which is why it’s taken us seven years and millions of requests to finally arrive at a catering concept we’re happy with,” Wilton tells Broadsheet.

Hot sandwiches will not be available as part of the new catering arm, and Wilton promises parties and events catered by his team will mean no more occasions fuelled by dry bread or soggy sandwiches.

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As part of the creative campaign to announce the launch, Wilton donned a Santa suit, astronaut garb, a vaguely clownish birthday outfit and an Office Space-esque shirt and tie. “The campaign is to underscore that our sandwiches work perfectly for most occasions … astronauts get hungry too,” he says.

And although there are no guarantees, the chef-turned-sandwich-mogul says he will be fielding requests to make deliveries dressed in his Santa or astronaut suit.

Dom Wilton. Photography: Coutesty of Hector's Deli / Annika K

While the planets and stars might be outside of the delivery zone, Wilton’s company is offers free delivery on all catering orders for anyone within a 10-kilometre radius of Hector’s Deli’s Fitzroy and South Melbourne shops.

Orders must be placed four days in advance and there is a minimum order of 25 sandwiches. Salads, donuts and non-alcoholic drinks are also available for catering orders and more information can be found here.

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