Leftfield Coffee Roasters owners Kamran Nowduschani and Louise Gordon are no strangers to Perth's specialty-coffee scene. They started Fiori Coffee in 2006 before selling in 2011 and moving to Sydney where they established Leftfield in Marrickville. Five years later and their love of Perth has brought them back home.

When it comes to roasting coffee, Nowduschani is both progressive and traditional. His style bucks the trend of ultra-light roasts, but also steers clear of the overdeveloped. Instead, his approach falls somewhere in the middle: select beautiful beans and coax out their natural characteristics through thoughtful, gentle roasting. Rather than creating coffees with bold, attention-craving flavour profiles, his preference is to put together blends that don’t just lend themselves to weekend drinking, but that are consistent in their taste.

“The industry is flooded by fantastic tales of the provenance of every coffee,” says Nowduschani. “Brokers are trying to outdo each other with how incredibly rare their coffees are and will even hand roasters a script with photos to pass onto consumers.”

Despite taking issue with embellished back stories, he credits the specialty-coffee scene for helping raise the quality across the board.

“Once you get past the hype, the hipsters have actually helped us,” says Nowduschani. “The demand for high quality beans means the brokers have had to up their game and there are now so many stunning coffees to choose from.”

All Leftfield Coffee is roasted using Rosie, a reconditioned 1950s era German Probat. The machine is entirely manual and doesn’t have the sensors and computer readouts of modern equipment, so Nowduschani relies on his senses to get the results he's after.

Leftfield Coffee is slowly making its way into local cafes, starting with Subiaco's beloved Boucla (Nowduschani has worked with owners Despina and Brian Tanner since he began roasting in Perth a decade ago). Beans are also available at wholesale prices direct from the roaster.

Leftfield Coffee Roasters
2/8 Zeta Crescent, O'Connor
0418 832 490