The Perth metropolitan, Peel and South West regions will go into a five-day lockdown from 6pm tonight.

"It’s crucial we act quickly, to keep the community safe," Premier Mark McGowan said on Sunday. "We cannot forget how quickly this virus can spread, nor the devastation it can cause."

The move comes after a hotel quarantine security guard working at Sheraton Four Points tested positive for Covid-19 – the first WA case of community transmission since April last year. For a list of exposure sites visit Healthy WA.

From tonight until 6pm on Friday, people in those aforementioned regions are required to stay home except for the following reasons:
• shopping for essentials such as groceries, medicine and necessary supplies;
• medical or healthcare needs, including category 1 and urgent category 2 surgery, compassionate requirements and looking after the vulnerable;
• exercise within your neighbourhood (only allowed with one other person and only for one-hour per day);
• to go to work when you cannot work from home or remotely;
• to attend a funeral (a maximum of ten people are allowed).

If you do leave home for one of those reasons you are required to wear a mask at all times.

All schools will be closed; the premier is calling it an extension of the school holidays. Here's what else is closing from 6pm tonight:

• Pubs, bars and clubs
• Gyms and indoor sporting venues
• Playgrounds, skate parks and outdoor recreational facilities
• Cinemas, entertainment venues, and casinos
• Large religious gatherings and places of worship
• Libraries and cultural institutions
• Restaurants and cafes will close, and can provide takeaway service only
• Weddings are cancelled for the next five days
• No visitors are permitted to your home unless caring for someone vulnerable or in an emergency
• No visitors will be allowed in aged care homes unless exceptional circumstances
• No visitors to hospitals, and/or disability facilities, unless exceptional circumstances
• Elective surgery and procedures for categories two and three will be suspended from Tuesday

Testing clinics are being ramped up.

More to come.