Sex toys. Masturbation aids. Stimulation buddies. Whatever you want to call vibrators and other pleasure products, they’re certainly not new – and neither is the industry that makes and sells sexy things. What has changed in recent years though is how many more Australian companies are using the term “sexual wellness” and creating products that appeal to the broader self-care market. There’s also a rise in the number of women owning and operating these companies, motivated by a desire to get more of us talking about sex, sexuality and doing it solo. Here are a few new businesses offering toys, condoms and lube that you can have delivered, sometimes on the same day.

Melbourne-based Lbdo specialises in beautiful lubricants and massage oils, as well as palm-sized vibrators. “They’re products you wouldn’t hide at the bottom of your drawer,” says founder Rachel Baker. Its vegan and cruelty-free lubricant and massage oils are made with Kakadu plum and quandong. Its waterproof, silky-soft vibrators are made from high quality silicone, which can vibrate for up to two hours. The Essensual Vibe, for example, costs $149.95 and the lube is $29.95. Orders over $50 will be shipped free.

Pronounced “figure”, this water-based lubricant is made using finger lime and strawberry gum from Byron Bay. It’s fragrance free, comes in a chic glass bottle and doesn’t have a sticky, gel-like residue. Cofounder Eloise O’Sullivan tells Broadsheet its ingredients lend themselves to a luxurious pH-balanced lubricant. “Finger lime is high in vitamin E and C,” she says. “Vitamin E is known as the ‘sex vitamin’. Strawberry gum holds a lot of antibiotic and antifungal properties.” It also “stays wet” for a long time. Available in two sizes, Figr’s lubes start at $35. Shipping is free when you spend over $75.

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Launched in June 2021, Lucy is pretty new to the marketplace. Its water-based lubricant is made in New South Wales, is cruelty-free and has a pH of 4.3, which helps reduce gential irritation. It’s quick to absorb and can be used alongside condoms and silicone toys or for anal sex. You can also set up a quarterly subscription. Co-founders Claire Colclough and Alan McCarthy say the brand is designed for all ages and genders. “We’ve embarked on a journey to reduce the shame and stigma surrounding the use of lubricant,” says Colclough. Lucy lube costs $24.

Happy Collective
Online store Happy Collective specialises in beauty and skin products for women. Its vibrator brand of choice is Smile Maker and you can take a quiz on the site to find your perfect one. There’s the multipurpose Millionaire, the clit-focused Fireman, the flexible Frenchman, the sunny Tennis Coach and the palm-fitting Ballerina, among others. Each is waterproof and has multiple speeds and pulse settings. All run for up to four hours on a single triple-A battery (aside from the Ballerina, which is rechargeable). Co-founder Julia Marge tells Broadsheet “Women should feel empowered about their own sexuality and self-pleasure, and it shouldn’t be something that’s hidden away in sex shops.” Prices range from $39.95 to $340 and items can be gift wrapped. Shipping is $12.

Boutique gift company Lvly has partnered with Happy Collective to offer a bundle of joy in the form of flowers and a waterproof vibrator. From $155, you can send someone the Millionaire – a waterproof bullet vibrator, along with flowers, a “Treat yo self” cookie, plus cans of Bondi Spritz and Noosa Spritz. The Lvly Vibes gift pack doesn’t come with the triple-A batteries required, so you may want to stock up or send separately. The vibrator can also be added to any flower delivery. Lvly says since launching a third of all purchases have been people treating themselves during lockdown. Order by 5pm for same-day delivery in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide, seven days a week. Delivery starts from $19.95.

German company Womanizer (we don’t rate the name) is worth mentioning as its vibrators have a patented air technology that stimulates the clitoris without touching it. It uses air pressure to create a suction effect that’s said to mimic oral sex. Womanizer Pro40 ($149), for example, has six intensity levels, can be used in the shower or bath, and lasts up to two hours before needing a recharge (which you can do via USB). Pick from red, black or purple colours and each one comes with additional medical-grade silicone heads. It also has a night light – handy for camping trips. Shipping is free and you can also buy the vibrators via Amazon.

Founded in Sydney, Frenchie sells water-based aloe vera lubricants, hypoallergenic biodegradable bamboo wipes and 100 per cent natural rubber latex condoms. Its Beret condoms have a buttercup design making it easier to know “which way is up”. They’re ultra-thin – 0.05 millimetres thick – and fragrance free. Australian sex coach Georgia Grace is Frenchie’s professor of pleasure, who provides advice and content for the company’s website. All Frenchie’s products are made ethically, are vegan and cruelty free, and haven’t stepped foot in France. A 12-pack of condoms costs $12.
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Sex coach Georgia Grace also works with Normal to educate its customers on exploring sexuality and sex toys. The Australian company has a handy quiz on its website to help you find the right toy for you – provided you’re okay with handing over your email address. It has vibrators and stimulators for solo or partnered pleasure, as well as ones that work best for internal stimulation or clitoral. Frankie ($70) is a teardrop-shaped bullet vibrator; Darcy ($195) is made for internal stimulation to hit that so-called G spot; Flynn ($145) is a cock ring that sits around the base of a penis or dildo to provide stimulation to a partner at the point of penetration. Broadsheet readers can get 50 per cent off Normal’s sex toys. Use the code “CUMINSIDE”.
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Founded in Berlin, We-Vibe is part of the same family company as Womanizer. Inventor Bruce Murison wanted to create a massager that would sit between a couple as they had sex. The company says six million We-Vibes have been sold worldwide and the rechargeable vibrator provides hands-free clitoral and internal stimulation. We-Vibe Sync ($149) comes in aqua or purple and the U-shaped (or flat C-shaped) silicone device can be adjusted to fit different bodies, which can be controlled by a remote control or an app. It has 10 intensity levels and is waterproof.

Additional reporting by Jo Robin and Chynna Santos.

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This article was updated on March 18, 2022, to reflect price and product changes.