Ansari at Home

Thu 19th August, 2021 – Fri 20th August, 2021
111 Spring Street Melbourne
Price: $120
Last year, Sunda sous chef Nabil Ansari was selling refined Indian takeaway from his tiny Carlton apartment. He’s bringing back a number of favourites this weekend, and there’s finally delivery.

Nabil Ansari was dropping off printed menus in local letterboxes when he started cooking refined Indian fare at home using techniques he learned in the kitchen at Sunda and The European. His 15-hour butter chicken, Keralan fish curry and Texas-style short rib became lockdown’s worst-kept secret.

Now the Sunda sous chef is at it again, and some favourites have made it to the new menu. The butter chicken is back, alongside an okra fry with turmeric and chaat masala; dum biryani with lamb shoulder; dal; naan with confit garlic and butter; raita; and kheer pudding with basmati and saffron.

You can also add sides – such as seekh kebab skewers with lamb mince and cumin, and malai kebab skewers with chicken wings and hung yogurt – as well as mango lassi and wine.

There’s no prep involved – the dishes just need a quick reheat on the stove or in the oven and they’re ready to go. It’s $120 for two people, with an extra portion available for $60.

Ansari’s team hopes to keep the meals going throughout lockdown, but they’ll decide on a weekend-by-weekend basis – so order now and don’t miss out.

Order by 7pm for pick-up or next-day delivery. Pick-up is between 5.30pm and 7.30pm from the Hotel Windsor concierge, and it’s $20 for delivery within 10 kilometres of the CBD.

Order here.