Leonard’s House of Love

12:00pm - 3:00am
3 Wilson Street South Yarra


open late

Leonard’s is a ’70s-inspired log cabin and bar, complete with lounge room and pool table, by the team from The Sweetwater Inn. The place is kitted out with log stools, a double-sided stone fireplace, timber-panelled walls and a picket fence outside. There’s a license and DJs until 3am on the weekends.

There’s no formal dining area, no bookings, no table service. Instead it’s straight-up burger boxes, plastic baskets, bulk serviettes and the occasional fork. It’s suburban Aussie charcoal-chicken shop meets Americana.

The brisket-patty cheeseburger doubles as the chicken stuffing; everything that’s in a cheeseburger is stuffed into the chicken, Beef, cheese, pickles, onion, ketchup, mustard and bread. The chicken is then slow cooked over hot coals on a rotisserie and finished with a splash of Coca-Cola to get a sweet glaze.

Sides include jacket potatoes with mash and gravy, Greek salad and dinner rolls. There are a couple of vegan options which include sticky, fried eggplant and a barbeque tofu dish that resembles a short rib

The beer list covers a Bathtub Brew on tap and a bottled IPA or Pilsner. The cocktails throw back to the ’70s – heavy on the rum – although there are some classic Campari and gin concoctions.