notable coffee

Larry & Ladd looks a little out of place in the 1920s Regent Arcade, what with its custom-built matte black Synesso machine and all. The Tasmanian sparkling water it serves is so pure “ice would pollute it” and only adds to the contrast.

Original owners Jeremy Downey and Josh Baker (Pink Moon Saloon, Whistle & Flute) were called in by Regent Arcade’s landlord (the "Larry" after whom the cafe is named) to update the historic walkway and expel any dusty ghosts of Australiana stores past. Baker has since sold his share of the business to Chris Pouras.

Coffee from Five Senses is available in a custom blend for the white coffees and a single origin for the black. The menu is formed around a range of toasties and sandwiches that are manageable in the small space, with fillings such as jamon, pickled peppers and manchego or vodka beetroot cured salmon and pickled red onion.

There are also daily changing soups such as truffled Jerusalem artichoke, and pastries supplied by Abbots and Kinney. Second-hand records are available to buy from the boxes in the corner.