Goldi’s 2023 harvest has been picked, processed and packed into the brand’s signature squeezable bottles (which are made from reclaimed plastic) and is ready to make its way into your salads, soups and winter roasts.

Based in Victoria’s Goulburn Valley and Mallee region, the team behind Goldi has been making olive oil for almost 15 years. Historically, they sold mostly to chefs and restaurants around Melbourne. But like many businesses, living in a post-Covid world has meant embracing the pivot.

“It started as a lockdown project with the idea of selling direct to consumers and the brand has grown from there,” co-founder Janine Fahey says. “We took a lot of inspiration from chefs when it came to the packaging, but we were also looking at what the wine industry is doing and how people are using different materials apart from glass.”

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Unlike wine, olive oil doesn’t get better with age. “Fresh is best when it comes to good quality olive oil. And to make a really high quality product, you have to harvest early. So we pick the olives green, when they’re just on the cusp of ripeness, and then process them at our onsite mill where we can control the time and temperature,” Fahey says. Olive oil has a shelf life of two years but the team at Goldi are committed to only selling the latest harvest, so nothing on the shelves is ever more than 12 months old.

You can choose between smooth or punchy, or grab the duo in the power couple bundle.

“Smooth is a really buttery, fruity oil. It’s quite a mild oil, so it's great for baking, roasting. Think about where you might use butter in cooking. It's really nice with fish,” Fahey says. “And then punchy is a little bit more robust, you get those bitter chilli flavours at the back. It's still a medium oil with a lot of fruitiness so it's great as a finishing oil, drizzling over dips, soups, tomatoes.”

You can shop the oils as a one-off purchase or subscribe and save 10 per cent on your order. Choose how many bottles and the frequency of delivery – and update these at any point – so that your pantry is never without the good stuff. If you're a high volume olive oil user, you can get your hands on a three-litre tin subscription too.

A flavour-packed balsamic vinegar is also currently in stock. “The grapes come from Modena in Italy and were aged for 10 years at our property. It has a really fruity flavour profile with notes of pomegranate and cherry. It's a bit sweet and sour at the same time,” Fahey says.

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