After launching with an eyewear range in 2019, Ochre Lane expanded its offering to include textured swim pieces towards the end of 2021. And while this step felt natural for founder and creative director Bree Mclean, she never imagined the sell-out sensation that would occur.

Crinkle fabrics and ribbed materials feature heavily across the range of one-pieces, and bikini tops and bottoms.

“I really love texture. From my home’s interiors to the clothes that I wear, it’s something I’m always drawn to,” she says. “When I got a sample of the ribbed towelling I was like ‘Oh will this work? Maybe it will be too heavy’, but it actually dries really quickly and is so flattering because it’s form-fitting and really supportive.”

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Based on the Gold Coast, swimwear and resort wear are year-round staples in Mclean’s own wardrobe. “After having a baby, I felt like I lost my identity because I couldn’t find clothes and swim[wear] that I wanted to wear that fit and made me feel good.”

The brand currently ranges from size 6 to 22, although Mclean is keen to expand this offering as much as possible. “Whatever is available for the smallest size, will also be available for a size 22. And the style doesn’t change. Of course, it gets bigger but the details don’t change,” she says. “There is this thing in the fashion world that all of a sudden the styles change and the cuts change once the size goes up. But whether you’re an 8 or an 18, you’re still the same person with the same taste.”

With plans to be a one-stop-all-inclusive-shop, Ochre Lane is aware of expanding not only its sizes but also its selection. “I’m always listening to our customers, reaching out and putting questions on our [Instagram] story and asking what colours they want to see next. We have a lot of customers that own a few of our pieces and often request more colours,” Mclean says.

The brand stocks a number of other Australian labels to round out your sunny-day needs, from Soleil Soleil’s signature printed sarongs (which can be worn beyond the beach) to sunscreen and a post-beach spritz of perfume.

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