Let’s be honest: self-improvement may not have been high on your priorities this year. We’ve mostly been too busy with naked chores and pillow forts for that. But online tutorials don’t have to be boring – they can be a gateway to another part of the world or a deep dive into a weird part of the internet, and spark a curiosity you didn’t know you had.

To guide you on your quest for knowledge – even if that knowledge is just how to fold a bedsheet – we’ve taken a look at the weird and wide-ranging world of Youtube tutorials and plucked out five favourites that only get better on a bigger screen.

Gardening how-tos

The ABC’s Gardening Australia has gone from strength to strength in recent years – though we’re always going to have a soft spot for now-retired host Peter “the garden’s alive!” Cundall. Its current Youtube channel is packed with handy hints for every corner of your garden, no matter what the size – and if you are short on space, what could be more useful than a tip for doubling up and growing two different edible plants in one pot?

The cult of Bob Ross

During the ’80s and ’90s, artist Bob Ross hosted how-to series The Joy of Painting on American public television. His soothing voice and permed hair made him a pop culture icon, while his “wet on wet” oil painting style allowed him to get a painting from bare canvas to completion across the course of a single episode. Ross died in 1995, but his work lives on online. It’s well worth checking out, whether you’re looking for tips on painting landscape art, a guide on how not to wear your hair, or just to hear Ross’s low, gentle tone, which is really kind of relaxing once you get into it.

Folding a fitted sheet

Yes, really. There are plenty of tutorials on how to fold a fitted sheet on Youtube, which is handy because this is the kind of thing most of us have to be reminded how to do at least once a month. (See also: tutorials on how to fold a T-shirt.) This particular guide gets the thumbs up because it’s both educational and hosted by Martha Stewart, ex-con and friend of Snoop Dog, which is the kind of strange celebrity fact that makes even linen storage more interesting.

Learning to use your phone’s camera properly

Smartphones have made photography more accessible than ever, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement. Thoughtful composition, for instance, can mean the difference between a good photo and a great one. While figuring out the best use of framing and balance might seem like too much effort when you just want to take a few quick shots down the beach, here’s the good news: just about every smartphone camera will put up a basic grid on your screen, and with a few minutes training you’ll be getting your horizons level and using the rule of thirds to draw the viewers’ eye into your composition.

Making a Coke can vacuum cleaner

Ever since someone first uploaded a guide to making a rocket with a handful of Mentos and a bottle of soft drink, tutorials have been a great place to learn about turning regular household objects into possibly dangerous pieces of advanced technology. While it might seem unlikely that you’ll ever be in a situation where you’ll a) need a vacuum, b) have access to the materials required to turn a Coke can into a vacuum but c) not have a real vacuum handy, can you really afford to take that risk?

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