One of the world’s most influential chefs, Marco Pierre White, has launched a food-tech start-up: “EatClub”. By offering customers a string of enticing deals and discounts, the app is intended to help struggling restaurants fill seats.

Since launching in Melbourne in October last year, 300 restaurants have signed up to the app, and as many as 30,000 customers have already taken advantage of a deal that cut bills by 50 per cent.

Now, the British celebrity chef (Masterchef Australia, Chophouse), alongside co-founders Pan Koutlakis, Matt Cantelo and Ben Tyler, have decided to launch EatClub in Sydney.

The idea was to create a digital platform to help restaurateurs fight back against the large, home-delivery services, which take a cut from the restaurant’s revenue. Another focus is creating leverage for smaller, independent hospitality businesses by helping to encourage eating out at restaurants, more often.

The smartphone app connects customers with a nearby restaurant with spare tables on any given day or night – meaning restaurants can stay busy, even when weather conditions might keep people away. In return, the customer gets last-minute discount deals to eat there. EatClub make its money by charging a pre-dinner fee for each customer it brings in.