Ramen Auru is unlike any other ramen shop in Sydney. In Tokyo? Definitely.

Hatena Group's first dedicated "ramen hall" is like a time capsule from 1980s Japan, complete with a tatami dining area, low tables, and bright fluorescent tube lighting. Owners Chris Wu, Tin Jung Shea, and Mitomo Somehara went all out on the look, going so far as to commission a custom-built ticket ordering machine like the ones found in eateries all over Japan.

Punch in your order at the top of the stairs, and the staff will send your ticket to the open kitchen. Ramen options include yuzu-shio chicken, prawn bisque, and a customisable tonkotsu pork. Crowd your low table with classic sides of gyoza, kimchi, and Chinese-style fried pork liver and chives.

Auru takes the second floor of Hatena Group's three-storey Crows Nest complex, with yakitori den Yurippi on the ground floor and sports bar Ichiro's on top. Once all three levels are open (Ichiro's is on the way), Auru plans to offer late-night ramen service, mimicking the experience of hopping between venues for food and drinks in Japan.

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Updated: April 24th, 2024

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