Each year, Australians use more than one billion takeaway coffee cups. For the most part, they’re unrecyclable, meaning a whole lot of cardboard cups with plastic lining and the dregs of our morning flat whites end up in landfill. Many of us have turned to reusable coffee cups but often forget to throw them in our bags in the morning.

That’s where Green Caffeen comes in. Download the app, head to one of the 165 participating cafes (most of them are currently in regional locations) and walk away with a reusable cup and your coffee. When you’re done, drop your cup at any other cafe that’s signed up, or bring it back next time and swap for a fresh cup.

Danes Specialty Coffee has just partnered with Green Caffeen, and to celebrate it’ll be giving away free coffee on Tuesday May 7. Head to its flagship cafe, Infusion on Clarence in the CBD, download the app and get a coffee of your choice in a Green Caffeen cup that you’ll be able to use next time you visit. There’ll also be cold brew and freshly roasted beans to giveaway.

Visit Infusion on Clarence at 171 Clarence St, Sydney on Tuesday May 7 from 7am to 1pm for your free coffee. Download the app to find out more.