The message behind Soulfor Wine Festival is simple: a wine without added sulphur is more beautiful than those made with it. Preservative-free, natural wine “can express itself in a better way,” says event co-founder Giorgio de Maria. “With all the richness that comes from active bacteria.”

Back for its second year, the festival will kick off with a wine tasting from midday until 4pm, with around 120 natural wines to try from Australian and international producers. It’s a relaxed, fun day but de Maria says it’s also meant for those who want to try some new wines and understand a bit more about them.

He is also one of the founders of Rootstock, a natural food and wine festival in Sydney. There are definitely parallels between the two festivals, although Soulfor is much smaller. But like Rootstock, the aim of Soulfor is to celebrate and introduce people to organic and natural wines by throwing a big, fun, preservative-free party.

“There are some very good food and wine events around but often the vibe is not that great,” says de Maria. “We’re trying to put everything together in one place.”

At 4.30pm, the tasting will turn into a party with DJs and a band. The bar will serve mostly sulphur-free wines but there will be a few non-wine options, such as beer from Two Metre Tall.

Summery food (think calamari sandwiches) will be cooked by chefs Morgan McGlone (Belle’s Hot Chicken), David Moyle (Longsong, Franklin), Josh Murphy (ex-Builders Arms), Colin Wood (McConnell Group), and Tom Edwards (Magill Estate).

Soulfor Wine is on Sunday December 4 at the Mission to Seafarers, 717 Flinders Street, Docklands. Full admission tickets, including the wine tasting and a glass, are $40. Party-only tickets (access from 4.30pm) are $10. Both ticket types can be purchased here.