Du Liban Barangaroo

Closed Permanently


outdoor area

Raed Malas and Dorrie Krahe opened Du Liban Marrickville, their first bakery, in April 2015. Since then the original site has become Chalder Eats, and a second Du Liban in Rosebery was rebranded as Morley Eats. Now Barangaroo is the only Du Liban location.

At the breakfast table, ful medames, a traditional fava bean-based Middle Eastern dish, sits alongside French eggs and bircher muesli. Za’atar manoush, a popular Levantine snack, is also a breakfast option. These round flatbreads are baked on the premises with organic flour and topped with Lebanese za’atar.

For lunch, the za’atar manoush is wrapped around a variety of vegetarian and meat combinations, including chicken, lamb, mint, olives and yoghurt. Salads and dips balance out the pies and other baked goods also on offer.