Win: A Moon Dog Hard Seltzer Post-Mix Machine

Mon 27th September, 2021 – Sun 24th October, 2021
9:00am – 11:59am
Want alcoholic sparkling water on tap? Here’s your chance. And there are runner-up prizes: free slabs of Fizzer and discount codes for the Fizzer online store.

Two years ago hard seltzer didn’t exist in Australia. Now there are well over 30 brands of the alcoholic sparkling water vying for space on shelves.

Ten-year-old Melbourne brewery Moon Dog is among them with its sub-brand Fizzer, which comes in seven fruity flavours. But it has something the competition doesn’t: its own post-mix machines, invented in-house and touted as a world first. Expect to see them in action at pubs once lockdowns have ended in Sydney and Melbourne.

The Fizzer machines work like regular soft-drink post-mix, drawing gas from a bottle and flavour (and alcohol) from 15-litre pouches to create a fruity (but not sweet) 4 per cent ABV sparkling water. Each machine has four nozzles, allowing it to pour up to four flavours from the stable of Tropical Crush, Piney Limey, Coco Mango, Lemon Squeezy, Pink Flamingo, Peach Ice Tea and Raspberry Sorbet.

Moon Dog is lending one lucky winner a machine for six months from November 1, 2021 to April 1, 2022, including four flavour 15-litre flavour boxes, a gas tank, installation and maintenance. (Except if you live in NSW, in which case the prize includes just one flavour box, due to local liquor licensing.) The winner will also receive one Fizzer lightbox, five jugs, five hats, five T-shirts and two bar mats.

To enter, upload a picture of you and the people you want to share the machine with, and write 50 words about why you want it. The most creative, original and funny entry – as judged by Moon Dog – will win. Entries close at 11.59pm on October 24.

There are also a heap of runner-up prizes available. Every entrant can spin to win free slabs of Fizzer and 20 per cent discount codes for the Fizzer online store.

Enter here.