After opening only a week ago on the south side of Lennox Street, Cheerio is already teeming with hungry, thirsty cafe-goers. The coming together of business partners (and couple) Charlotte Devereux and Chris Handley, the instant success of this Richmond spot is unsurprising given the two’s extensive cafe and coffee experience

Handley was a partner at Wall Two 80, while Devereux has managed Seven Seeds and Batch Espresso. “We both figured we’ve worked hard enough on other people’s businesses, why not give it a go?” says Handley.

And the risk has certainly paid off. With coffee from Seven Seeds’ espresso blend, the pair couldn’t quietly sneak Cheerio onto the Richmond cafe scene even if they tried. It almost goes without saying that the coffee is a knockout. With only 15 seats in the house, getting in early is essential.

On the food front, Cheerio offers a range of breakfast and lunch options that can satisfy almost any brunch group. For breakfast, Cheerio hits all of the major stops, like tomato beans on sourdough with goat’s cheese or roasted rhubarb porridge with macadamia nuts. For those who want to get an early start on lunch, a range of veggie and meaty sandwiches are available.

It’s clear that the couple’s years in the cafe business have really paid off. Seven Seeds owners Mark Dundon and Bridget Amor and chef Ben Chalk (Batch Espresso and Jorg) were a major source of advice for Devereux and Handley during Cheerio’s opening. “We’ve been very lucky to have made some great contacts in the industry over the years and so far they have been happy to work with us with limited fuss,” says Handley.

As you walk through Cheerio’s beautiful stained timber door and are welcomed with friendly smiles, it’s clear that this no-fuss attitude has been passed down to the Cheerio pair. The interior design, by The Alpha Project, gives the cafe a crisp, yet cosy feel with white walls, light wood tables and natural light pouring from the main window.

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For their first venture, Devereux and Handley have really nailed it. Cheerio has been a bustling cafe ever since it opened its doors. “It’s been really exciting,” says Devereux triumphantly. “It feels so good to finally be open and running.”

We can’t wait to see what this duo will get up to next.

323 Lennox Street, Richmond

Mon to Sat 7am–4pm
Sun 8am–4pm