It’s always a pleasant surprise to go to an opening and find a little swing-top bottle of Grolsch beer on offer. Such has been the case at the many events that Grolsch has supported around Melbourne for independent galleries and fashion designers alike. These have included Hell Gallery, Alpha60, Somewhere Store & Gallery, Vice Magazine, Utopian Slumps, The Narrows, Comeback Kid, Spook Magazine and Gorker Gallery. Now, again, the Dutch larger collaborates with these Melbourne creatives but on a larger project for a four-day art and music event in Melbourne this week.

The Grolsch Grid is a guerrilla-style event hitting the Melbourne CBD grid, with one-off street poster artworks inspired by the iconic Grolsch Swingtop. There will also be 2D and 3D videos performed and projected live on to the giant brick wall above Section 8, accompanied by live electronic music in Tattersalls Lane, where the Grolsch Grid will be based for the three nights from October 21–24.