Guests rather than customers. Daily coffee rather than daily business. And good music. Lots of good music. Coffee enthusiasts Jackson McCutcheon and George Atkins want people to feel at home at Best Wishes Coffee.

“We want the experience to be more personal, as opposed to a monetary exchange,” says McCutcheon. “Best Wishes is a place people can really sink into and enjoy different music, local art exhibitions and the right vibe. We like to collaborate and offer diversity, so we will continue to work with local businesses and artists.”

To date, the cafe has had a photography and illustration exhibition and will be showcasing the work of illustrator Thomas Sweetman on August 12.

Why Freo? According to the newly-minted cafe owners, the area’s can-do spirit - and not to mention the presence of fellow small businesses 1991 Skate Shop and sneaker emporium Mi-Life - convinced them to set up shop near the former Woolstores.

“We felt Fremantle was more progressive in the arts and creative scene,” says McCutcheon who, like Atkins, has worked in hospitality both locally and abroad. “On our street are three young local business that create a great atmosphere.”

The cafe’s bowerbird menu ranges from vegan Snickers macarons and bagels cradling satay tofu and smashed pumpkin to bacon and egg wraps. Juices from Pressed Daily are regularly stocked and the homemade banana bread is frequently sold-out. Fremantle baker The Puddlng Peddler supplies sweets while Short Order Burgers serves a weekend breakfast burger.

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Customers can perch on the timber window seating or relax on one of the many small tables along the wall opposite the counter.

Best Wishes Coffee
9/2 Cantonment St, Fremantle
0434 966 405

Mon-Fri 6.30am-3pm
Sat 6.30am-2pm.