The path toward creating a small business is one dotted with both rewards and challenges. But if you have an idea for a business that just won’t quit, it can be reassuring to soak in the knowledge of those who’ve pursued the path before you.

When Kerryn and Leo Moscicki launched Radical Yes! in 2013, the married couple and business partners had little idea they’d come so far in just five years. In this video, Kerryn and Leo discuss how a simple idea quickly became a full-fledged business.

Since its beginning – through hatching the initial idea, to creating a website and erecting pop-up stores – Radical Yes! has become recognised by design-savvy Australians for its highly sought-after shoes, sunglasses, bags and collaborations with other local fashion businesses.

Watch Kerryn and Leo share where the idea stemmed from, what it’s like to work with a loved one, how they continue to connect with their customers and other useful advice for anyone hoping to pursue a small business.

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