The spiritual successor to Fitzroy's Punter Club, the Northcote Social Club, which is part-owned by the folk behind Richmond’s Corner Hotel sits somewhere around the centre of the popular High street strip. The band room here is smaller than the Corner, which means it is perfect for acts with a more modest sensibility. You won’t be bothered by view-wrecking giant pillars or sweaty crowds (as much) here, but you’ll still get to see some great music.

The former Commercial Hotel was given new life in 2004 with a makeover, a new focus on live music, and name change and within just a few years, it had become a real destination in Melbourne's indy music scene. It has remained the same since (with perhaps a little growth and a new pinball machine every few years), and although the caliber of performers has risen a little, events such as Monday Night Mass (a weekly free showcase of Melbourne's best burgeoning indy acts), keep the social club firmly in its roots.

This is where the indie fans and Melbourne music media hang out when they want a no fuss experience.