Friday 25th July
Douglas and Bec: Two Generations of Design Douglas and Bec: Two Generations of Design
An unusual take on the family business model, Douglas and Bec is a story of natural creative partners. A self-taught handyman and a savvy fine-arts graduate, the duo have found common ground making furniture that is simple, beautiful and will last a lifetime.
Natasha’s Draw Card Natasha’s Draw Card
We talk to Natasha Khan of Bat for Lashes fame about her collaboration with English label YMC, which draws on her own illustrations, her ‘70s sweatshirt collection and a little help from down under.
Photography: PITCH zine An Off-the-Cuff Collaboration
Toni Maticevski and Dinosaur Designs pair up for Maticevski’s MBFWA collection to rave reviews.
Elissa McGowan: Fashion, Fabrications and Francis Bacon Elissa McGowan: Fashion, Fabrications and Francis Bacon
We visit the studio of fashion designer Elissa McGowan, a graduate from East Sydney TAFE, a former intern of Dion Lee and Kym Ellery, and now a bright one-to-watch in her own right.
All’s Well for Fare Well Co All’s Well for Fare Well Co
Ethical entrepreneur Cam Young is designing menswear with a social conscience.
Jae (left) Masini & Chern Baby Blues button-up shirt, Petra (middle) Alas Sleepwear Lavender Symmetry PJ top, Keira (right) PER-TIM Lounge shirt and lounge shorts in restoration print. Going Under Cover
Put away your tatty old T-shirt, the time is now to sleep sweet. Inspired by the swathe of stylish sleepwear available this winter, we're piling up the blankets, putting the kettle on to boil and staying in bed for a few extra hours.
Something Old, Something New Something Old, Something New
We sit down with Lover’s Susien Chong to chat about the label’s White Magick collection, which reimagines the wedding dress with a new aesthetic.
Jacket by Lover. Shirt by Equipment from Grace. Pants by ACNE. Bag by Benah. The Sharp Lines of Tomboy Tailoring
Our wardrobe takes a sleek tomboy bent this season, with sharp lines, clean-cut blazers and confidence.
Lisa Dempsey and Jacqueline Hunt Jac+ Jack: A Decade of Saying Something
Australia’s fashion climate is mostly described using variations on the word “tough.” Despite the bleak outlook for many retailers, Sydney’s Jac+ Jack is thriving, with a just-opened second Melbourne store at Emporium. We got the low-down on how a simple mantra has shaped its journey.


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