After two long years, we’re finally able to head overseas again. But travel is a bit different these days, with some more things to consider before heading off on that much-awaited trip.

“Travelling overseas always comes with some homework,” says Lisa Perkovic, travel expert and senior global managing editor for Expedia. “You’ve got your standard checklist, which includes your passport, visas, insurance and accommodation. But because now there’s new ways of travelling, you’ve got other things you need to tick off before you go.”

At the moment, most countries have their own specific entry requirements in terms of testing and vaccination, which can also differ depending on the country you’re coming from.

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One of Perkovic’s top tips is to allow for more time at the airport than you did pre-pandemic. “If you can take that stress out and arrive early, you’re giving yourself extra coverage. You’ve just got to be flexible. In the new normal way of travelling, flexibility is key,” she says.

Before you take the leap back into overseas travel, here are some tips to make it feel a bit smoother.

“We’re now encouraging people to research every part of their journey for what the requirements will be” says Perkovic. “Research the country, the airline, the accommodation and everything in between. Spend that extra time finding flexible deals, so you’ve got peace of mind.”

Research helps to avoid being locked into something when your travel might change. Find offers that have fully refundable options to help make sure you’re covered down the track.

Requirements rule
It’s not just about making sure your passport is up to date. Many countries now require a specific international vaccine certificate. You’ll also need to look at testing requirements and timeframes for your destination, so you can allow enough time for testing at every stage of your journey.

“Also think about contingency plans,” Perkovic says. “What will you do if you need to isolate while you’re travelling? Another important factor is travel insurance. If you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel. Always read the fine print and check if you’re getting coverage for Covid-related medical expenses.”

Set reminders
Be equipped to double-check crucial details so you don’t get caught out. Perkovic suggests investing in a mobile battery pack for your phone, since showing your proof of vaccination is more important than ever.

“Many of us aren’t quite travel fit yet,” says Perkovic. “That’s okay. We need a bit of time to get back into the swing of things. Make sure you give yourself extra time to plan and pack.”

Remember to relax
This is your hard-earned reward once you’ve completed all the other steps. “Once you’ve done all the rest, that means you can really be present and enjoy your travels,” says Perkovic. "We’re already seeing Australians heading back overseas. For those yet to travel, Expedia has you covered from start to finish. It’s a really exciting time to be going overseas again.”

This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with Expedia. All travel is subject to frequently changing governmental restrictions—please check local advisories before scheduling trips.