Today, one of Australia’s tourism bodies has ventured into uncharted territory: offering discounts to travellers who’ve received both vaccine doses. It’s a move that’s likely to be replicated by other tourism companies to encourage more of us to travel interstate rather than hopping on the first available flight overseas.

The Northern Territory Government’s campaign, the NT Summer Sale, offers Australian visitors to the Top End up to $1000 off their travel expenses, including flights, accommodation, tours and other attractions. Savings are based on a set discount of $200 off for every $1000 spent on an NT booking. The maximum amount you can save is $1000 per person for travel booked between October 1, 2021 and March 31, 2022.

It’s essentially a 20 per cent discount – and last year the same campaign (offered without the vaccine incentive) saved travellers a combined $2.3 million. This year’s $5 million campaign is only available to fully vaccinated Australians from non-hotspot locations. You can find out if you’re located in a hotspot, as determined by the NT Government, here.

Right now, all of New South Wales is declared a hotspot for the purpose of travel to the Northern Territory, as is metropolitan Melbourne and parts of Victoria, plus certain places in Western Australia. Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania are not considered hotspots. However, all arrivals to the NT must complete a Border Entry Form.

If you’ve been planning to eat your way around Darwin, explore the stunning gorges in the West MacDonnell Ranges, camp by Ellery Creek Big Hole, visit Bruce Munro’s Field of Light installation, or ride a camel around Alice Springs, now’s the time to plan your adventure.

The NT Summer Sale runs from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. Check your state or territory’s border restrictions before booking your trip.