“Elegance is definitely important. But it’s combined with a sense of playfulness [and] adding personality to what you’re wearing … These are made for wearing and having fun.”

That’s how Julia Alexander described the loafers of her footwear brand, Jack Riviera, to Broadsheet earlier this year. The label was born out of a desire to find beautiful – but still affordable – smoking slippers for her husband, so naturally it started with men’s shoes.

But she also found that women were starting to wear the men’s range, and many were emailing her with queries about a women’s line. Back then, she told us a women’s range was in the works. Now it’s here.

Just like the originals, the handmade velvet loafers feature rich jewel tones and meticulously embroidered insignias. The Love Jack has a knotted rope design shaped like a heart, while the Bubble Jack mule slipper shows a bottle and glass of fizzy champagne. The Flamingo Jack has two intricately designed flamingos with matching pink piping, and the Bumble Jack (featuring a micro heel) is emblazoned with a golden queen bee.

Each pair costs $225 and is available exclusively online. And if you want the whole family to have matching smoking slippers (without the wallet-smoking prices), there’s a kids’ collection too.


Additional reporting by Matt Shea