Hughes Barbecue

12:00pm - 3:00pm
5:30pm - 9:00pm
760 Elizabeth Street Waterloo 2017


outdoor area

A former Bovine & Swine chef, two beautiful American smokers and a menu listing brisket, pork neck and ribs. Hughes Barbecue sounds like just another American barbeque joint, but it isn’t. This barbeque restaurant, which occupies the kitchen and beer garden at the George Hotel, is breaking the rules.

All the traditional cuts – brisket, chopped pork and wings are served next to house kimchi, vegan pulled-pork-style jackfruit, rosemary-infused lamb rump and fries (which are usually frowned upon in the American barbeque world).

As far as casual barbeque joints go, it feels like the perfect space – a kind of ’60s–’70s pub feel with an open-air beer garden and a stage for bluegrass and country gigs, right next to a spacious hall fitted out with timber booths and tables with chequered tablecloths.