Miguel and Heike have proved wildly popular. They were Unyoked’s flagship getaway cabins in the Southern Highlands. There’s currently a 4000-strong waitlist for a weekend at one of these solar-powered sanctuaries. Now, two new NSW houses have been unveiled: Marco and Coralie.

Twin brothers Chris and Cameron Grant have spent this year wrangling a torrent of reservation requests and rural property owners keen to offer their slice of paradise to the project.

“Australia’s such a beautiful place, and the landscapes we have at our backdoor are awesome,” says Chris. “It’s one of the reasons we love what we do. We unlock these previously unseen or unreachable areas, because they’re on private properties.”

Just like Miguel and Heike, the two new cabins were designed and built by Fresh Prince. They’re made with sustainable materials and contain the essentials for a truly independent adventure: a comfy bed, stovetop, fridge, warm shower and plenty of natural light. They’re solar-powered and without wi-fi, which is exactly the point.

Each Unyoked location is named after someone the Grant twins have encountered on their travels.

“We met Marco while backpacking in Peru,” Cameron says. “He was this easy-going Uruguayan who’d quit his job, bought a motorcycle and was driving around South America. He was one of those guys who’d make lifelong friends instantly with anyone he met.”

The Marco cabin is two hours north of Sydney. Overlooking a verdant valley, it’s a five-minute downhill trot to a web of lush bushwalks. Picture that golden sunlight, its rays streaking through a dense green canopy.

“Coralie was this free spirit, creative French girl we met living in Spain.” Cameron says. “[She] had just spent months living at a secret beach commune down south. Full of ideas, and never understanding why people sweat the small stuff, Coralie was a breath of fresh air in any situation.”

The Coralie location is also just two hours north of the city. It sits atop a generous plateau, providing a vista of the adjacent state forest. Even more so than Marco, this is the ideal base camp for those keen to spend the weekend hiking. Coralie could be an adventure-date, or provide a solo visitor with a green setting in which to clear their heads.

With the announcement of Marco and Coralie, Unyoked has also released its first two Victorian locations. This rapid expansion is proof that young professionals want to escape the weekday grind.

“In Australia we work long hours to save for a big trip,” Chris says. “You go to South East Asia or the US for three weeks of the year, and do blocks of work to make that happen. But you really need these micro-adventures. Getting away one weekend a month can do a lot for your health and your work, and keep you balanced.”

Weekends in these new cabins are going to fill up quickly. Reserve your Coralie or Marco escape via the Unyoked website.


This article was updated on December 6, 2018.