After converting a shipping container into a boutique retreat in Perth, Contained founders Anatoly Mezhov and Irene Polo are bringing the concept to Sydney’s Cockatoo Island. The pair has actually shipped the structure from Perth to Sydney – “a copy-and-paste job” – and added an urban farm, and new restaurant and bar, all built from scratch.

The new island getaway sits in and around its re-purposed container by the water on Bolt Wharf and is slated to open on Thursday.

The new restaurant, Don Tapa, combines South American techniques with Australian produce, and is powered by the on-site urban farm. Latin street eats, grilled vegetables and meats will feature, as well as a cheese selection. Alex Retief of The Urban Winery has curated the wine list, while Young Henrys will be serving its Newtowner and Summer Hop Ale with Stayer Session Ale on tap, too.

The large metal cargo doors swing open to reveal rooms that might be mistaken for those inside any stylised hotel. There’s a queen-sized bed, an exterior deck with lounge furniture and a container plunge pool. Room service and air conditioning are also included.

Building with shipping containers isn’t new – but the eco-friendly, low-cost conversions are still gaining traction as a viable alternative to traditional housing.

Contained Sydney will also retain another touch of the West: a custom-built “entertainment hub” modelled on The Mantle in Fremantle.

Rates start at $305 between Monday and Friday, while a rate of $385 applies from Friday to Saturday with a minimum of two nights stay.

Contained Sydney will officially launch on Thursday February 8, 2018.