It’s picnic season. And the art of picnicking – now more than ever – is all about location, location, location.

A cute new website, tenderly titled Friendship Island, will help you find the picnicking paradises that exist between you and your mates’ respective five-kilometre radiuses.

The map is bordered by pretty, colourful graphics of picnic baskets, flowers and a watermelon – to get you keen for what’s to come. And it’s a cinch to use.

Just drop pins where each of your mates live and it’ll tell you where you can and can’t rendezvous. Or where “Friendship Island” lies. (Then check if any of Sydney’s best picnic spots are in the vicinity.)

There’s also an option to share the “friendship island”, so drop it in the group chat.

It’s a self-confessed “unofficial site based on official information”, but the team – Stella Blake-Kelly, Ken Tsang and Vanessa Brewster – says it will update the map as rules change.