Haven Specialty Coffee

After years working in and studying the niche coffee market in Hong Kong, Roy Yu started Haven Specialty coffee with partners Kit Tran and Bruce Koo.

The trio is all about tailoring. Each element of a coffee’s flavour can be carefully adjusted with minor changes to the individual elements of coffee brewing – water ratio, temperature, grind, timing and the bean’s origin. At Haven, you're encouraged to try something new with each visit, until you find the perfect combination of these elements.

Flavours are broken down simply. Choose a nutty, chocolate-y or fruity blend, and from there adjust acidity and sweetness. The team will use your preferences to tailor a coffee to your taste, until you find what you like.

The menu - Australian with an Asian twist - is also carefully crafted. The signature Pork Belly Kimcheese Burger is exactly what it sounds like - five-spiced pork, kimchi, cheese and apple sandwiched in a milk bun. There's also sweet potato falafels; beetroot-cured salmon with saffron-infused cous cous; and baked beans with maple-glazed bacon.

The cafe itself is spacious and open, with baristas smiling from behind the bar of blue and white tile. It's calming and welcoming, just as you’d expect a haven to be.

Updated: September 25th, 2018

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