Stra Haejangkuk


Stra Haejangguk serves two kinds of Korean food: dishes to eat while you’re drinking and dishes to eat the morning after, if you’ve drunk too much. The latter is called haejangguk, a range of bone-broth-based soups. They all contain some element of protein, the crucial ingredient in hangover cures.

Stra Haejangguk serves 10 varieties, each with a base of either chicken, pork or beef stock. Shin’s favourite is the soh gogi jung tuh guk bap, or beef stew with ground perilla seeds, beef cheeks, spring onions and homemade gochujang (fermented Korean chili paste).

Many of the haejangguks come with a bewildering mix of sides. The salty-shrimp mix, chilli paste and rice are condiments for your soup. The raw garlic and chilli are dipped into the bean paste and eaten as is.

Bossam, the main representative of the other half of the menu: dishes to eat while you’re drinking. Get a platter of immaculately sliced pork belly and raw oysters with kim chi, raw garlic and chilli. Stra Haejangguk serves Korean alcohols including makgeolli, a milky rice wine; soju; and raspberry wine. Complement these with jeyuk-bokkeum, pork marinated for a day in chillies, chilli sauce, onions and garlic, and then stir-fried into a spicy mess.

Updated: October 6th, 2017

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