One Teaspoon

9:30am - 5:30pm
11 13 Avalon Parade Avalon 2107


local designers

A sunny corner on Avalon Parade is home to the One Teaspoon flagship store, which it shares with Bassike. The location was a no-brainer for Jamie Blakey, founder and creative director of the label. She and her business partner live in Avalon and always felt One Teaspoon was the perfect fit for the Avalon lifestyle.

The interior of the store is packed with personality. Denim shorts are piled high on shelves adjacent to the newest range, One X One Teaspoon, which hangs on four racks running the length of the store. Rare, framed vinyl sleeves rest against walls on painted checkerboard floors and pieces from the One Teaspoon Home collection are scattered among the garments. It feels casual and spirited, all the more thanks to the enormous taxidermy peacock at the back of the shop (his name is Henry). With every new One Teaspoon collection there will be denim, and it will come ripped, torn, dyed and frayed.